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Chiropractic massage ... Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer of Davenport, Iowa. He established the Palmer School of Chiropractic, which was taken over by his son Bartlett Joshua Palmer in 1906. The term “chiropractic” was taken from the Greek meaning “done by hand”. It’s the third largest group of health care practitioners following physicians and dentists.

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According to consumers report, April 2009, a new survey shows that chiropractic manipulation is the top-rated treatment for people suffering with back pain. The survey of more than 14,000 Americans resulted in 59% being “highly satisfied” as compared to 34% with their primary care physician.

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Emu Oil and Chiropractic Massage

Many chiropractors are adding massage therapy to their practices. Some chiropractors are adding emu oil to the massage treatment. Two of those doctors are Dr. Patty Headly of Tonkawa, Oklahoma and Dr. Ron Westbrook of Decatur, Texas.

According to Dr. Headly, “I have started using massage treatments in my practice. Since I have been doing massage, emu oil has become a major part of my practice. I do both massage and adjustments and the emu oil is used virtually from head to toe. People with chronic shoulder and knee problems get help from the adjusting, but the emu oil really does the final trick during the massage. I find it absolutely amazing.”

She goes on to say, “I can get results using chiropractic alone on lower back pain. However, it seems that when I use the emu oil in conjunction with the chiropractic, the relief is quicker and the muscles stay relaxed longer, and therefore the treatment last longer.”

Dr. Westbrook uses emu oil rather than the conventional creams and gels. He states, “What I enjoy most about using the emu oil is that I have a lot more freedom of motion when massaging. The patient is more comfortable because I am not pulling on the skin, and there are no offensive odors such as you have with the conventional creams. However, the most significant observation that I have made is that the treatments with the oil last longer than without. The oil relaxes the muscles so well that the treatments hold for longer period of time.”

Dr. Headly explained that ligaments and muscles are attached to the spine. Anything that can cause those tissues to become loose and more fluid, if the spine is misaligned, is a very large help. The more fluid the muscles the less likely they will pull back out of alignment.

Dr. Headly explains, “ I can push the spine back, but by the time the patient gets back into their car, it can be out of alignment again because the muscles and tendons are just too tight. With the oil and massage working together, and the deep penetration, the loosened muscles hold longer.”

Chiropractic massage with emu oil has been found by some chiropractors to be very beneficial. Perhaps we will see this wonderful oil being used by more practitioners in the future!

Source: An Adjustment in Chiropractic. By Nancy McMillan. Emu Today & Tomorrow July 1995


Emu Oil

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