Coconut Oil Anti-Fungal

Coconut oil anti-fungal…..Caprylic acid is a medium-chain fatty derived from coconut oil. It’s one of the most potent non-drug fungal-fighting substances.

Budding Yeast Saccharomyces Cervisiae - Sem

Budding Yeast Saccharomyces Cervisiae - Sem
Flegler, Stanley
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Caprylic acid is very effective against candida and other fungi. It's effective internally and externally. This fatty-acid is available in a gelatin capsule and can be taken as a dietary supplement or can be mixed with coconut oil or vitamin E and applied topically to infections.

Polynesian women rarely or never got yeast infections. Those who eat Western type diets containing processed vegetable oils are infected with yeast infections, skin fungus, acne, and other skin infections.

Lauric acid is another fatty-acid found in coconut oil. This fatty-acid kills lipid-coated bacteria, but doesn’t harm the good bacteria found in the gut.

The medium-chain fatty acids not only kill disease causing bacteria in the gut, but also kill candida producing a healthy environment.

Eating coconut oil on a regular basis supports a healthy environment in the gut, keeping candida and bad bacteria under attack.

Aspergillus Spores Closeup Fungus Can Harm Humans

Aspergillus Spores Closeup Fungus Can Harm Humans
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Coconut Oil


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