Cypress Oil

Cypress oil.....Associated with death and afterlife, Cypress trees were often planted in graveyards and the wood was used to make coffins. Several cultures enjoy munching on the pine nuts and include them in their everyday diet.

Granada Fiestas Del Santisimo Corpus Christi Poste
Granada Fiestas Del Santisimo Corpus Christi Poste

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Botanical Name - Cupressus sempervirens

Common Method Of Extraction - Steam distillation of needles, and cones

Parts Used - Needles and twigs

Note Classification - Base

Aroma - Fresh, clean, evergreen aroma

Largest Producing Countries - Spain, France and Morocco

Traditional Use - This oil has been used for thousands of years as a cleansing incense for several Nepalese and Tibetan cultures. Other varieties of cypress were historically used in the US by Native peoples to treat several ailments and in ceremonial burns.

Potential uses and benefits - This oil makes a good addition to massage oils to warm, comfort and energize. It’s helpful in increasing circulation. It also has antiseptic and astringent properties. This oil is a useful ingredient in body sprays, deodorants, aftershave preparations and traditional "masculine" perfumes. In esoteric and emotional blends Cypress is added to ease grief and crisis.

Blends Well With - Good base note in many blends that need an evergreen aroma.

Safety DataCypress oil has a low possibility of skin irritation. This oil may stimulate blood pressure. This oil should be avoided during pregnancy.

Sevilla, 1934
Sevilla, 1934

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