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Diffusers.....What are they?

Let’s first understand what this process is. According to Funk & Wagnalls’s, Diffusion is “The intermingling by thermal agitation of the molecules of two fluids, as of gases”. To Diffuse is “To subject to or spread by diffusion”.

diffusers geode Morrocan nebulizer

Historically, the practice of diffusing oils has been an arduous and time consuming procedure. This has been alleviated by the development of numerous accessories and tools. A basic diffuser has a glass dish on top called an oil bowl. You place a little water in the reservoir bowl along with a few drops of essential oil. Under the bowl is a spot to place a tea light candle. This heats the water and oil and starts the diffusing process. Use safety measures just as you would with a candle. Don’t leave the unit unattended.

electric diffuser For those of you not wanting to burn candles electric aromatherapy models are available. They work by slowly warming the filtered plates where you apply the essential oil. The heat slowly releases the wonderful scents of therapeutic grade essential oils. Change your room into a relaxing environment! Fill your room with healing oils. These diffusers are economical, portable, and practical.

terra cotta diffusers

Probably the simplest model is made of terra cotta, which is porous and absorbent for the oil. You simply apply 2 or 3 drops of your favorite oil to the terra cotta where it’s absorbed and releases the oils for several weeks. I love this kind because it’s so inexpensive and I can place them in spots like my car or in the bathroom and I don’t have to worry about a burning candle. I always add one or two to my essential oil order so I have one for a gift.

A nebulizing diffuser is another type. It’s the professional’s choice for utilizing the healing properties of essential oils. It uses an air pump similar to an aquarium pump. It releases atomized microscopic oil particles into the air, making the oil more readily absorbed by the body and senses. Use caution as to the placement of your unit. Don’t place it by valuable furniture surfaces because the mist of oil can mar the surface.

Another way to disperse oil into your room is by placing a few drops of oil into a pan of water on top of your stove. There are also special pans made to place on top of wood burners to add moisture into the air. You could add a few drops in with the water to add your favorite scent as well as water droplets into the room.

So pick your favorite scent, whether it’s a scent to help you relax or an oil that will help when your family is sick (like eucalyptus) and a diffuser of your choice; achieve a physiological change in body, mind, and spirit.

All of these diffusers are available at Mountain Rose Herb.

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