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Here is a collection of essential oil books that I have gathered for your reading pleasure. You may want to have one book or a collection of books if you are interested in using these healing oils as part of your health regimen. I hope that you enjoy them!

Never heard of essential oils? Or, maybe you have used them for the physical benefits and never thought of anything else. Essential oils are true gifts of nature. Just by reading the messages in Essential Oil Wisdom, you can benefit from the oils' metaphysical wisdom without another investment. The spiritual, vibrational and metaphysical wisdom of the essential oils is profound. Essential Oil Wisdom will allow you to experience the true nature and depth of the gifts they bring to your own life and living in an easy to use format.

A leading scientist shows readers how and why aromatherapy is emerging as a popular mind/body medicine. Contains an overview of aromatherapy, recent findings on the effect of essential oils on the immune system, and a description of common treatments.

Using essential oils drawn from nature's own medicine cabinet of flowers, trees, seeds and roots, man can tap into God's healing power to heal oneself from almost any pain. Find relief from many conditions and rejuvenate the body. With over 125 recipes, this practical guide will walk you through in the most easy-to-understand form how to treat common ailments with your essential oils for everyday living.• Practical Advice on Therapuetic Blending of Oils and Safety• Directory of Most Effective Oils for Common Ailments• Easy To Follow Remedies Chart• Prescriptive Blends for Aches, Pains and Sicknesses.

Chapters are thorough and well referenced and the text may be consulted as a trustworthy and learned source of information on the toxicology of essential oils, and would be a useful reference guide for healthcare professionals and practitioners.

Aromatic oils have been used for thousands of years not only for their fragrance but for culinary, therapeutic, ritual, and spiritual purposes. More than a fashionable trend, aromatherapy is coming into its own as a body of knowledge and practice with specific applications that have a solid scientific base. Drawing on research and clinical studies, Peter and Kate Damian look at many applications. Explores • How scent interacts with emotion, memory, mental acuity, and sleep • Why specific scents are so effective in therapeutic and ritual settings • Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of essential oils How men and women differ in their responses to odors.

A comprehensive guide to cosmetics and body-care products you can make yourself with essential oils that are healthier and less expensive than their commercially made equivalents.Over 100 simple and inexpensive recipes.In addition to providing general skin and hair care, formulas treat acne, sunburn, cellulite, wrinkles, and many other conditions.

The first aromatherapy guide to synthesize Eastern and Western approaches to restoring emotional and mental health.* Explains the esoteric and energetic healing properties of 40 essential oils to help restore balance to the body and psyche.* Provides help for a wide range of common emotional and mental complaints.* Includes full-color illustrations to guide readers through the massage and acupressure sequences.

Inside that bottle of essential oil lies the key to beauty, health, and wellbeing-and this comprehensive illustrated reference contains the information needed to work aromatherapy's magic. It includes a directory of essential oils plus recipes for creams and lotions; remedies to overcome negative emotions; first aid therapies; and techniques to enhance meditation and massages.

Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham combines the modern science of aromatherapy with the ancient science of magical perfumery. Together they make a powerful system that can improve your life and bring you what you want. Already, over 170000 people have found out how useful this book can be. You can, too! In these pages you'll discover how to use aromas from fresh and dried herbs and essential oils to make changes in your life.

First book devoted solely to a subtle or spiritual level.

This book provides a clear and authoritative introduction to aromatherapy as practiced in modern health care settings, providing valuable information for any health professional who wants to learn about the subject. It provides the in-depth knowledge needed to begin using essential oils in the practice environment.

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