Essential Oils for Dandruff

Essential oils for dandruff..... There are some essential oils that can help with dandruff. So what exactly is dandruff?

According to Funk and Wagnalls Standard Dictionary dandruff is: A fine scurf that forms on the scalp and comes off in small scales.

Young Woman Plaiting Her Hair
Young Woman Plaiting Her Hair

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Dandruff is a scaly dermatoses. Other conditions that are also scaly dermatoses are seborrheic dermatitis (seborrhea), and psoriasis.

Dandruff is a chronic, noninflammatory scalp condition. It results in excessive scaling of scalp epidermis. Approximately 20% of the population has dandruff. The medical profession tends to disregard the condition as important even though generally there is much distress associated with the problem.

The problem lessens in the summer. There is no proof that emotional states aggravate it. There is disagreement among authorities over whether inadequate shampooing worsens the condition. Authorities do agree that a consistent washing routine is important in managing the problem.

Dandruff generally appears at puberty. It reaches a peak in early adulthood and levels off in middle age. In advancing years it declines. Rarely does it occur after 75 years of age.

Woman Combing Her Child's Hair
Woman Combing Her Child's Hair

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Just as hair and nails grow, dandruff is also a physiological occurrence. Except in the case of dandruff, the end result is visible on the scalp. It also has cosmetic and social disgrace.

It’s normal for epidermal cells on the scalp to continually slough off just as they do elsewhere on the body. The turnover rate of epidermal cells is greater on the scalp than on other parts of the body.

Dandruff is characterized by increased epidermal cell turnover, an irregular keratin breakup pattern, and the shedding of cells in large scales.

According to Puri, 1993, dandruff is usually associated with imbalances in hormones, infections, and diets that are rich in fats and sweets. Puri says the condition can’t be cured but only kept under control. The good news is that essential oils for dandruff aren’t the only help available. Neem and tea tree can also be used.

A Sicilian Playing with Her Hair
A Sicilian Playing with Her Hair

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Essential Oils for Dandruff:

• Bergamot Mint
• Carrot Seed
• Hops Flower
• Juniper Berry
• Rosemary
• Rosewood
• Palmarosa
• Patchouli
• Spike Lavender
• Thyme

Check the oil for specifics and safety data.

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Woman Dressing Another's Hair

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