Essential Oils for Depression

Essential oils for depression..... There are certain oils that can help with depression. First, let’s take a look at depression.

Sadness, discouragement, pessimism, and hopelessness about matters improving are familiar feelings to most of us. Depression is unpleasant when we are experiencing it. However, it usually doesn’t last long, going away on its own after a period of days or weeks or after it has reached a certain intensity level.

In fact, mild and brief depression may actually be “normal” and adaptive in the long run. This is because much of the “work” of depression seems to involve facing images, thoughts, and feelings that we would normally avoid. It is usually also self-limiting, which means we limit ourselves.

Memory a Grief (Portrait of Santina Negri)
Memory a Grief (Portrait of Santina Negri)

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By slowing us down, mild depression sometimes saves us from wasting a lot of energy in the hopeless search of unobtainable goals.

Life events such as major personal, interpersonal, or economic losses are painful and common life events where one would expect depression to be normal.

Normal depressions are nearly always the result of recent stress. Two fairly common causes are loss and the grieving process, and postpartum “blues”.

So what essential oils can be used for depression?

Grief in the Land of the Sea
Grief in the Land of the Sea

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Essential oils for depression:

• Allspice
• Basil
• Bergamot
• Bulgarian Rose
• Clary Sage
• Douglas Fir
• Frankincense
• Grapefruit
• Hops Flower
• Krill
• Lemon Balm
• Patchouli
• Petitgrain
• Spike Lavender
• St. John’s Wort
• Vetiver

Check the oil for specifics and safety data.

Figure of Grief, from the Tomb of Pierre Gareau
Figure of Grief, from the Tomb of Pierre Gareau

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