Essential Oils for Diarrhea

Essential oils for diarrhea….. What is diarrhea? According to Funk and Wagnalls Standard Dictionary diarrhea is: A disorder of the intestine marked my abnormally frequent and fluid evacuation of the bowels.

This disorder is the passing of frequent, loose stools. The consistency of the stool may be soft and pasty to watery. The color may be brown to clear.

Black stools may indicate bleeding in the digestive tract. When blood causes the black color, the stools are usually tarry and foul-smelling referred to as melena.

Cramping may occur before or with a bowel movement. Sometimes large amounts of gas are passed with the stool. Nausea may be experienced by some people, especially if the diarrhea is caused by an infectious organism or a toxic substance.

Sem Rotavirus Causes Childhood Diarrhea
Sem Rotavirus Causes Childhood Diarrhea

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Essential oils for diarrhea .....There are some essential oils that can help with diarrhea. Those oils are:

• Cilantro
• Cinnamon Bark
• Cinnamon Leaf
• Clove Bud
• Coriander Seed
• Ginger
• Ravensara
• Rosemary
• Thyme

Check the oil for specifics and safety data.

Mcvitie and Price's Digestive: The Premier Biscuit of Britain
Mcvitie and Price's Digestive: The Premier Biscuit of Britain

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