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So everyone that uses oil for cooking, beauty, or aromatherapy has favorite oils. It’s surprising how many oils are produced in nature…. And how beneficial they are.

I must admit there are a lot of oils I haven’t used yet, but there are many that I have. I add new ones all the time and I think back and wonder how I lived without them.

I am truly amazed at how they make me feel better, look better, comfort me, and help me sleep.

I have favorite essential oils right now. I know I will have others as I increase my use. Lavender is one of my favorites. It is my “anti-stress” oil. When at work I keep a bit of cotton with the oil applied in my pocket to help me deal with the stress of my job.

Carrot seed is one of the oils I like to use on my face for little wrinkles. Truthfully I really thought this oil was kind of “too earthy” for me. But I’ve used it long enough that now I enjoy the smell and my face enjoys it too.

Hops flower oil is my bedtime essential oil. I put a few drops in my diffuser (sometimes I add lemon too) and a few whiffs and I feel like the sandman has sprinkled me with dust. Ho hum!

Three Children Go to Their Beds Encouraged by the Sandman
Three Children Go to Their Beds Encouraged by the Sandman

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I use several oils for my skin…..Coconut, macadamia nut, jojoba, argan, emu, and sweet almond. Wow! To make a choice here is really difficult. I like coconut in the summer, because it keeps me from burning. I get a nice brown color. Macadamia nut also works.

My two face oils are jojoba and argan. I feel like I’m putting liquid gold on my face when I apply argan. So nice! I alternate with the jojoba because this oil is so close to our own sebum produced by our skin. It’s also great for moisturizing other areas like the legs and feet…..don’t forget the hair. I put jojoba on when my hair is still wet and then the argan when it’s dry.

Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite
Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite

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My hair is very thick and likes to frizz in the summer when it’s so humid. I simply could not live without these two oils. I have had unruly hair for so long. One hair style I had was to put a ton of hair gel in it and let it dry. Now it’s just silky. Sigh! I love you jojoba and argan oils!

Now when it comes to the kitchen I have coconut and macadamia nut on my shelves. I use coconut for everything. Unfortunately the rest of my family doesn’t share my enthusiasm. They say they smell and taste coconut. I have no problem and even fry my eggs in it. They really enjoy the macadamia nut, however. One of the tastiest dishes to use this oil for is frying fish. Macadamia nut oil compliments fish and chicken, and I do say yum, yum!

Smallmouth Bass Fish
Smallmouth Bass Fish

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Health wise, I have Neptune krill oil and coconut capsules I take on a daily basis. I like emu as an anti-inflammatory and sweet almond for massage and carrier oil. Tea tree oil is my oil choice for pimples, cuts, burns, and colds. Some people don’t like the strong smell, but I even have grown to like the smell of this oil. Perhaps it’s because I associate it with feeling better. BTW emu is great for cat scratches because of its anti-inflammatory property. I have 4 cats and have had my share of scratches so take my word for it!

Domestic Kitten (Felis Catus) Next to Bunny, Domestic Rabbit
Domestic Kitten (Felis Catus) Next to Bunny, Domestic Rabbit

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So there you go. These are my favorite oils as I write this today.....

Maybe you have other oils you adore. So the question is.....

What Oils Do You Love!
And Make Your Life a Little Better?

Do you have oils that make your heart skip a beat? Share your story or review about your favorite oils!

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