Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) originates from Africa, Iran, Arabian Peninsula and Lebanon. It’s clear to yellow-brown in color and has a bitter spicy aroma. It has a slightly cooling effect. This resin promotes sleep and clears the respiratory system.

The little tree that frankincense comes from is scrubby with sparse, tiny leaves and bloated branches. When patches of bark are scraped from the trunk and branches, irritation occurs and milky-white sap flows then hardens into droplets of resinous gum.

This gum is relatively weak in scent so is generally scraped off and thrown away. The tree is then scraped again and low-quality frankincense appears. It is the third scraping that produces a flow of sap that dries to amber-gold crystalline lumps of the finest frankincense.

It's a resin that can be burned and an essential oil is produced by steam distillation. The burning of resins has a deep history throughout the world's many religions and has continued to be used for ceremonial purposes to this day.

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• Helps ease anxiety and depression

• Eases cough

• Nourishes mature skin

• Promotes sleep

• Relieves restlessness

• Provides relief from chronic conditions of musculoskeletal injuries

• Reduces scarring

• Focuses the mind

• Strong antioxidant


Avoid this resin if pregnant

Recipe – Meditation anointing – Diffusing Oil

Makes 1/8 ounce or 3.75 ml

1/4 teaspoonful or 1.25 ml plus 15 drops of basil

30 drops of frankincense

1/4 teaspoonful or 1.25 ml plus 8 drops of myrrh

For an air freshener, respiratory, immune support, or meditation blend –

Use an electric ceramic diffuser.

Frankincense and Myrrh


Frankincense Oil

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