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Raw Organic Coconut - Live Superfoods

Keetsa Eco-Friendly and Green Mattresses

Essential Oils For Whooping Cough - Oils That Help Whooping Cough

Essential Oils for Whooping Cough: What essential oils help with a contagious acute respiratory tract infection.

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Oil Pulling - Detoxifying and Healing the Body

Oil pulling is a simple and inexpensive way to detoxify and heal the body.

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Scents and Soul – The Universal Energy

Scents and soul – Using the vibratory qualities of particular scents increases the energy flow back to the upper chakras.

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Cooking with Coconut Oil, for Unbelievable Health

Cooking with coconut oil helps fight against heart disease and promotes weight loss.

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Coconut oil anti-fungal – Potent Anti-fungal

Coconut oil is a potent non-drug fungal-fighting substance.

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Nails - Structure - Function - Oils

Nails: Its structure, function and how oil helps its health.

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Essential Oils For Cellulite - Oils That Help Cellulite

Essential Oils for Cellulite: What essential oils help with subcutaneous deposits of fat and fibrous connective tissue?

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Organic - Why Organic?

Organic - What are the pros and cons of organic? Is it really important?

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Olive Oil - Nature's Liquid Gold

Olive oil, full of antioxidants, phyto-estrogens, sterols, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, and more.

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Essential Oil Books For Your Reading Pleasure

Essential Oil Books: A collection of books about essential oils for your reading pleasure.

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Links - Helpful Links - Healthy Healing Oils

Helpful Links - A resource of links to useful sites to expand your knowledge and to enjoy the benefits of healthy and/or alternative medicine sites.

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Is Your Soil Alive?

When one thinks of dirt one doesn't really think about it being alive. I certainly don't have that on the top of my mind.
The fact is the topsoil is alive. It has one million creatures per tablespoonful. Wow! Think of that. It boggles my mind. How about yours?
Lierre Keith author of "The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability", says "It's alive, and it will protect itself if we stop assaulting it. It protects itself with perennial polycultures, with lots and lots of plants intertwining their roots, adding carbonaceous leaves, and working together with mycelium, bacteria, protozoa, making a new organism between them, the mycorrhiza that talks and nourishes and directs".
"Defend the soil with your life, reader: there is no other organism that can touch the intelligence of what goes on beneath your feet".
We need to stop killing our soil with pesticides and herbicides. We can feed the world with organic and grow food that feeds the soil not kill it.

Coconut Oil, the Unbelievable Health-promoting Properties

Coconut oil is the best source of medium-chain fatty acids. A healing oil for your immune system and promoting weight loss.

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The Little Green Bottle of Relief

When packing to move sometimes you lose things. I recently found my favorite massage oil that I thought I had lost. It's a product that was made for Bath

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Why We Need Organic - 8 Reasons

1. Personal Health

When you eat organic you prevent exposure to agricultural pesticides. These chemicals are known to increase the risk of prostate cancer, double the incidence of childhood lymphoma, and disrupt infant and child neurological development. The President’s 2010 Cancer Panel Report urges us to choose “food grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers”.

2. Nutrition

Exposure to health-promoting antioxidants, flavinoids, and conjugated linoleic acids are increased by eating organic.

3. Water Quality

Nitrogen losses to groundwater can be prevented by organic cropping systems as well as keeping drinking water from being contaminated with nitrates, which can cause blue baby syndrome and other negative health issues.

4. No Genetic Engineering

Aquatic insects are harmed by genetically engineered Bt corn as well as disrupting stream ecosystems. GM plants have already established themselves in the wild. One study in North Dakota found 86 percent of plants collected outside of agriculture fields tested positive for genetically engineered herbicide tolerance.

5. Soil Quality

Enhanced microbial activity and reduction of soil acidity have been shown to occur due to increased soil organic matter. This is linked with greater yields.

6. Biodiversity

From bacteria to mammals, organic farming increases biodiversity at every level of the food chain.

7. Climate Change

The UN-WTO's International Trade Center found, "organic agriculture has much to offer in mitigation of climate change through its emphasis on closed nutrient cycles and is a particularly resilient and productive system for adaptation strategies."

8. Feeding the World

A 30% increase in world-wide yields using organic methods was found in research summarizing 293 comparisons. (Source: "What is Organic Food and Why Should I Care?" by Jim Riddle and Bud Markhart for the University of Minnesota)

Biker Oils - Natural Help for Biker Problems

Biker oils, oils that can be used by avid motorcycle riders to treat riding problems.

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Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk, What We Can Do Now

A landmark report, “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk, What We Can Do Now,” was released earlier this year from the President’s Cancer Panel. It recommends that we eat organic food as a strategy to reduce our cancer risk. The use of the term “organic” was scarce in the report. It states, "Exposure to pesticides can be decreased by choosing, to the extent possible, food grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers Similarly, exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones, and toxic runoff from livestock feed lots can be minimized by eating free-range meat raised without these medications." Organic is, by definition, food that is produced without antibiotics, hormones, or toxic agrichemicals. Certified organic farms are inspected at least once yearly. They are subject to surprise visits to make sure they are not using the harmful drugs and chemicals that are referred to in the Cancer Panel report.