Polyunsaturated Oils

Polyunsaturated Oils.....What makes vegetable oils potentially harmful to our bodies is the unsaturation. They are highly vulnerable to oxidation and free-radical formation because of the double-carbon bonds in the molecule. These polyunsaturated oils become toxic when they become oxidized as the result of exposure to light (sunlight or artificial), heat or oxygen.

This causes the oil to become rancid and form free radicals. Free radicals deplete our antioxidant reserves. Free radicals cause chemical reactions that damage our tissues and cells.

When oils are manufactured the oxidation process starts before they even leave the factory because when the oils are extracted from seeds they are immediately exposed to light, heat and oxygen. Cold pressed oils retain most of their natural antioxidants because they are minimally processed.

A rancid vegetable oil may not have its taste or smell affected. So a vegetable oil that appears sweet and pure may actually be toxic.

All vegetable oil should be sealed in an airtight, opaque container and stored in the refrigerator, which will slow down free radical generation.

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