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Spain is the largest olive-producing country in the world. It has more than 300 million trees covering more than 5 million acres. 92 percent of the trees are grown for olive oil. Martos claims to be the “World Capital of olive oil.”

Italy produces approximately 555,000 to 777,000 tons of oil a year. Nearly half of it comes from Puglia, in southern Italy.

Greece has about 150 million olive trees covering more than 2.4 million acres. There's about 2,800 mills and more than 100 olive cultivars. They produce about 330,000 tons of oil each year.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

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Main Oil Producing Countries in 2005

Percent of World Supply Produced

36 percent Spain
25 percent Italy
18 percent Greece
8 percent Tunisia
5 percent Turkey
4 percent Syria
3 percent Morocco
1 percent Portugal

Main Oil Consuming Countries in 2005

Percent of World Supply Consumed

30 percent Italy
20 percent Spain
11 percent Other non-European
9 percent Greece
8 percent United States
5 percent Other European
3 percent Syria
2 percent Algeria
2 percent Morocco
2 percent Portugal


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Olive Oil

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