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Tinea Corporis, commonly called ringworm of the skin, is a fungal skin infection caused by species of Trichophyton or Microsporum. A higher incidence of this infection of the skin exists among people living in humid climates. The lesions involve smooth bare skin. They begin as small, circular, erythematous (red skin caused by dilation of capillaries), scaly, itchy areas and spread peripherally. The borders may contain fluid-filled blisters or pustules (a small inflamed elevation of the skin that’s filled with pus).

Ringworm, from a Book by Baron Jean Louis Alibert 1838
Ringworm, from a Book by Baron Jean Louis Alibert 1838

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Tinea capitis is ringworm of the scalp. It’s transmitted by direct contact with infected people or animals. It’s also caused by species of Trichophyton and Microsporum. Most cases occur in children. The clinical presentation depends on the causative organism. The scalp may have noninflamed areas of hair loss or deep, crusted lesions that may lead to scarring and permanent hair loss.

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