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Sickness & coconut oil.....People in coastal Africa, Central America, and other tropical areas of the world drink coconut or palm kernel oil whenever they get sick. Tropical oils are considered a medicine besides being a food.

Seasonal viruses don’t for the most part have medicines that can destroy the virus particle. There are a couple medicines for flu viruses, but they only shorten the illness by a very short amount of time and the newest one is costly.

Bacterial infections are caused by bacteria organisms, and medicines are available that can kill them. They are called antibiotics. Some antibiotics, like penicillin, have been around for many years and are relatively inexpensive. Some of the new antibiotics are very expensive and have bad side effects.

Coconut oil on the other hand has valuable antimicrobial fatty acids, is inexpensive, and has no side effects. It can help you fight the infection and get better quicker.

There is no standard for how much oil to use when you are sick. One recommendation is to take 4 to 8 teaspoonsful daily in divided doses until you feel better. This oil can be applied to the skin, especially in the case of vomiting accompanying the sickness. The oil is readily absorbed through the skin. The oil is absorbed into the blood stream bypassing the digestive tract. The medium-chain fatty acids provide nourishment to help strengthen your body and help it heal more quickly.

If you have a serious illness, please consult your doctor and don’t self treat. Coconut oil is wonderful, but it won’t cure all illnesses. You may also need medicine to treat your illness.

Coconut oil is preventive oil. By taking it every day by capsule, cooking with it, and applying it to your skin, you can help to strengthen your body and make it healthier. It’s easier to prevent disease and sickness rather than cure the disease or sickness . If you get sick it will probably be from an illness that is not vulnerable to medium-chain fatty acids. Another form of remedy or medication would be more helpful in this case.

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