How I Built the Healthy Healing Oils Web Site Using SBI!

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Once upon a time in a land up north, where the summers are hot and the winters cold, there lived a lady that used SBI to help her find a way to become financially independent.

As this lady approached retirement age she started looking at ways to supplement her income when she retired. That lady is me, Susan. And I will tell you one thing.....

SBI works! I have seen the exponential growth in my site over the last 20 months. Thousands of other people, who have tried SBI, have success stories. If you are looking for a way to make an income from an online source, you can’t afford to pass on by the SBI program.

My journey to SBI began about six years ago. I became involved in an MLM. I loved the concept and I learned a bundle of knowledge. I read many books that helped me to grow as a person as well as become more knowledgeable on the subject of financial freedom.

Two of those books were The Next Millionaires by Paul Zane Pilzer (BTW I had the tremendous opportunity to hear him speak in person and he was awesome) and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

According to Kiyosaki, financial education is a powerful form of power. The expenses of the middle class tend to increase in equal increments as their wages increase. They get stuck in “the rat race.”

Paul Zane Pilzer says, “The Internet represents one of the greatest economic revolutions in history – and it’s just getting started.”

So I absorbed the knowledge from the books I read and proceeded forward from one MLM to another until I discovered SBI. I decided I wasn’t really interested in MLM’s because I’m not a good salesperson. However, I knew I had to take charge of my finances or even with my good job I would be on a tread wheel, going nowhere.

I wanted something I could do at home, any time of day. I joined Ann Sieg’s The Renegade Network Marketer. I was privileged to be under Ann and Nancy Christensen, and if it wasn’t for these wonderful women I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Ann wrote the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing and The Renegade Network Marketer. If you are interested in network marketing you really should take a look at these two informative eBooks.... The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing and The Renegade Network Marketer. They could change your life like they changed mine.

Just as Ann says, I was told I had to have a big “why” to succeed. Ann says, “A person needs to have a nuts and bolts knowledge of how to actually do it. To tell someone that all they need is motivation to succeed is an appalling insult to their intelligence.”

How true! You can envision your future all you want, but you won’t go anywhere until you take action.

So through Ann’s program I joined some affiliates and decided SBI fit me like a glove. I have no computer training. Everything I know about the computer I learned on my own. So I don’t know how to build a web site. But SBI makes it so easy! You don’t need to be computer savvy.

What makes SBI different? The main theory behind SBI is C - T - P - M. It’s what all websites should be based on. Providing CONTENT rich pages, that deliver free TRAFFIC, allowing you to PRESELL and that brings you to MONETIZATION of the site. It’s very simple and it works.

That's the power of Site Build It. They teach you how to build a complete website from head to toe, and most importantly, how to bring visitors. What do visitors mean? Income! There is a complete Action Guide that takes you through the entire process. So even if you have no experience with website building, you can do it!

SBI gives you many tools to help you track your progress that those with other sites have to buy as an extra.

What I love about SBI is that they allow you to build a site about something that you truly love. Something you have a passion for. (My passion is helping people become healthier using natural substances instead of chemicals). So what is your passion? Why not use that passion to your benefit!

Right now SBI is making it easier to do just that. I paid $300 US funds for a year’s subscription to build my site. With the economy in a recession SBI is making it easier by offering a program of a monthly subscription fee of $29.99 a month.

This is a limited offer. SBI will be watching the commitment level of the SBIers. If the monthly option results in less serious SBIers, the time limit will expire.

So if you are serious about becoming financially free you can’t afford not to buy SBI. It won’t happen overnight, because it’s not a get rich quick scheme. But you will see steady progress if you follow the action guide.

But don’t just take my word for it. Watch the 2 minute video to see for yourself. Then click on the box below to go to the Site Build It web site. Check it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose. There’s a money back guarantee. I’m sure you have something you’re passionate about. Go for it!

Along the way Solo Build It has attracted some Urban Myths. What are these Urban Myths? They are inaccurate stories about Solo Build It that are spread by those who claim they know, but have actually not checked out their facts.

Solo Build It Myths ...Find out what these myths are and the facts about each one.


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