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Storage of your essential oil…..what is best?

Some of your essential oils can be rather expensive. It can take a lot of raw product to produce an oil. It’s important that you store your oils properly.

Buy small quantities of oil and keep them in small bottles. Air in the top of a bottle can accelerate the deterioration of the oil so it becomes inferior in quality. Store them in tightly sealed dark glass bottles such as amber or cobalt blue.

Also, keep them away from heat and temperature variations, because this isn’t good for them.

So keep the bottles dark, cool and well filled.

If you aren’t using an oil where an air space has developed it’s best to transfer it to a smaller bottle.

In addition, for storage , make sure you label your oils so you know what’s in the bottle. Keep them stored away from little ones.

You can consider an essential oil fresh three years after its extraction if kept in normal conditions.

Colored Glass Bottles are Displayed in the Sandwich Glass Museum
Colored Glass Bottles are Displayed in the Sandwich Glass Museum

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