The Perfect Sinus Relief

by CL Hendricks
(Weatherford, TX, USA)

Years ago I sold aromatherapy oils. I knew Lavender Essential Oil was great for stress, rashes, insomnia, etc., however one day someone asked me if I knew how to use the oil for sinus problems. She'd been using it for years and was convinced of its efficacy.

Since (at the time) I was a smoker, I frequently had sinus drainage, especially at night. In fact, when I would go to bed, I would cough because of the drainage. In order to sleep I would have to keep a cough drop in my mouth all night long.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that the same Lavender Essential Oil that would relieve a sinus headache, sometimes as fast as five minutes, would also stop the sinus drainage and coughing.

I'd simply put a touch of Lavender on each cheek and above each eyebrow. Never failed.

It's also great for bug bites. Anyone who gets sinus headaches might want to consider the topical application of Lavender Essential Oil.

Of course, this in no way constitutes medical advice. :)

Susan's Reply - This is great advice for Lavender use. In Michigan it is very common to have sinus problems. Many people who move here complain about this problem.

I'm sure I will be mentioning this use of Lavender if someone asks for my advice. This would be especially useful because of the "caffeine-like" effect of nasal decongestants.

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